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About Me

My sister and I were raised by parents who captured almost every moment of our lives on a camera. I believe that is why I have always been comfortable in front of the camera, but now, a Mom myself; I am even more comfortable behind the camera. Since our daughters were born, I have not been able to put the camera down and am constantly striving to capture every precious moment, thus has evolved my passion of photography. 

When I am not snapping pictures...we are traveling to cheer on our girls in pole vault or school/sand volleyball! all time favorite thing to do is to hit the road and travel this country and explore as many national parks as possible! As the girls get older, it is harder to find the time but I love our trips! 

I can't express enough how lucky I am to have this so called "job"! I get to meet new people, hold precious babies, play with kids, hear seniors future plans WHILE getting to capture memories that will be seen for years to come. God gave us each special talents and I truly feel that mine is to help preserve precious moments so future generations will not just see their family members sitting and smiling BUT feel their personalities through pictures!

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Tel: 210-274-5938

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